Carex Love Hearts Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Gel 300mL. 6 bottles/ box


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Protect your hands against germs and bacteria with Carex Love Hearts hand gel with alcohol; suitable for using at home or on the go so you and your family can feel safe and protected.

Kill germs with this alcohol gel hand cleanser which has a quick drying formula that leaves hands feeling refreshed.

Help protect the environment, as well as your hands; with easy to dispense flip top caps, Carex’s bottles are 100 Percent recyclable.

Perfect for all hands big and small, Carex’s alcohol hand gel from Carex fun edition range has an added sweet fragrance helping to leave your hands feeling clean and smelling great.

Discover Carex’s range of anti-bacterial hand sanitisers to find something that suits your needs; with different fragrances and properties from Carex’s Aloe Vera Gel to our Moisture Gel there’s something to suit everyone.

Contains 70% alcohol content. Health experts including NHS, Public Health England and World Health Organisation all agree that to be effective a hand sanitiser needs at least 60% alcohol content. The good news is all our Carex hand gels contain 70% or more alcohol.

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