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Kimtech™ Purple Nitrile Ambidextrous Gloves offer superb protection with an environmentally-friendly glove thickness of just 0.06 mm. The comfortable design is powder- and latex-free and guards against a number of common contaminants.

Assured Compliance:
PPE Cat III according to Regulation (EU) 2016/425
EN ISO 374-1:2016 Type C (K) Chemical Splash protection
EN 374-4:2003 Resistance to degradation by chemicals
EN ISO 374-5:2016 Micro Organism and Virus Protection

Nitrile construction results in gloves that are stronger and leaner than latex gloves, and feature better protection against a wider range of contaminants, including viruses, micro-organisms, and chemical splash.

Gloves are anti-static to protect the wearer and equipment, ambidextrous and the thin construction enables reduced storage space, waste, and environmental impact.

A textured finish enhances grip and tactile sensitivity for safer and more efficient processes.

Beaded cuffs add strength to the gloves, reducing the risk of tearing and increasing their durability, while also reducing roll down for easier donning and doffing.

Contain no natural rubber latex, silicone, or powder, reducing the risks of skin irritation for the wearer.

Food contact approved.


Color: Purple
Disposable: Yes
Hand: Ambidextrous
Laboratory/Cleanroom Use: Yes
Material: Nitrile
Resistant To Puncture and abrasion, chemicals, virus
Tensile Strength: 30 MPa
Classification: PPE Category III
Finger Style: Textured fingertips
For Use With (Application): Ideal for use in laboratory applications. Food prep, salon, and healthcare.
Latex-Free: Yes
Powdered: Powder-free
Style: Beaded cuff
Thickness (Metric): 0.09m


Light Industry


The CE marking (European Conformity marking) attests that the product meets the European Union rules and requirements for manufacturing and commercial marketing.

Products are usable as Medical Devices according to Directive 93/42 / EEC (reference standards EN 455 parts 1,2 and 3). Directive 93/42 / EEC on medical devices, provides the requirements for the production of gloves to be used in health (and therefore also dental), as well as the obligations of labeling and assessment of biological safety. The gloves considered Medical Devices provide protection from cross-contamination both for the patient and the user as they are considered an effective barrier to biological fluids and microorganisms.

In April 2018 the New PPE Regulation EU 2016/425 has amended and replaced the previous PPE Directive 89/686/EEC. The new PPE regulation now specifies three classes based on risk definitions:
– CAT I: minimal risk, self-certified;
– CAT II: intermediate risks (other than those listed in Categories I and III), certified by the approved body;
– CAT III: very serious risks, which may cause death or irreversible damage to health; certified by an approved body.

Only the approved bodies may issue a CE mark for PPE CAT II and CAT III. Without a proper CE mark, the gloves may not be sold or used.

The gloves for alimentary use are not only a fundamental hygiene measure, it is also an FCM – Food Contact Material (Regulation EC 1935/2004 – Italian Ministerial Decree 21.03.1973, EU Reg. 10/2011).

What are FCMs? “Any material or article intended to come into contact with food shall be manufactured in compliance with good manufacturing practice so that they do not transfer their constituents to food in quantities which could: endanger human health, cause an unacceptable change in the food composition, or bring about a deterioration in the organoleptic characteristics thereof. All subjects in the food production chain (producer/distributor/final user) are legally obliged to verify and respect the requirements of the legislation regarding FCMs.

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