Peha-soft® examination white latex gloves. Powder Free. 100 gloves/ box


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Peha Soft Latex Powder Free Gloves 100 Units are disposable, made of natural rubber latex, and powder-free. They are very elastic and fit perfectly in the hand. It has a roll-up bracelet and is very resistant to tears.

Recommended for examination and examination of patients, for hygienic procedures, for sample extraction or for cleaning and handling of instruments.

Disposable examination gloves made of soft latex, powder-free; highly elastic and tear-resistant; texturing of the finger area ensures optimum grip; due to double-chlorination excellent donning, fit, and high tactile sensitivity; can be worn left or right.

Application: As a hard-wearing disposable medical glove for single use in all areas where staff are at a particular risk of contamination and need high touch sensitivity and a good fit. Ideal for wearers who experience hypersensitivity reactions to glove powder. Suitable for use as a Medical device according to EN 455.

May be used in direct contact with food.

Brand: Peha-Soft
Laboratory: Hartmann

PPE Cat. 3 also suitable for protection from chemicals and microorganisms (Reg EU 2016/425).

EN ISO 374-1:2016 / TYPE B: certified with 3 chemicals.

EN ISO 374-5:2016 / VIRUS: for protection against bacteria, fungi, and VIRUS.
MEDICAL DEVICE, to be used as an examination glove in medical and dental field (AQL 1.5), also invasively, intended for temporary use (within the meaning of Directive 93/42/EEC, Dir.2007/47/CEE, EN 455 1, 2, 3 & 4 norms)

FCM Suitable for contact with different types of food (In accordance with Directive 2002/72/EEC, UE Reg.10/2011, and subsequent updates).


The CE marking (European Conformity marking) attests that the product meets the European Union rules and requirements for manufacturing and commercial marketing.

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