Touchland Power Mist Neutral / Fragrance-Free Hand Sanitizer. 38 mL (1.3 fl oz)


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Moisturizing hand sanitizer spray. Dermatologically tested. Kill 99.99% of the most harmful germs.

Quick evaporation, no sticky residue, no alcohol odor.
More than 500 sprays in your pocket. 20 times more uses than traditional gel sanitizers.

Triclosan Free. Cruelty free. Without gluten. Vegan formula.
Travel size suitable (TSA – approved travel size).

Power Mist Neutral / Fragrance-Free Specs

Active Ingredient: Ethyl Alcohol 67%
Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Spray
1.29 Fl. Oz (38 ml).
Protects Against 99.99% Of Harmful Germs + Bacteria
High Quality, Natural Moisturizing Ingredients Keep Skin Hydrated
Fast Evaporating, No Sticky Residue Or Alcohol Smell
Smart Spray System Evenly Distributes Across Entire Hand
Contains 20 Times More Applications Than Traditional Gel Sanitizers
Sleek, Modern Design Fits Conveniently In Your Pocket
Travel Friendly, Travel-sized approved (TSA)
Dermatologically Tested
Parabens Free, Triclosan Free
Vegan Formula
Cruelty free

Spray 2-3 times all over the surface of your hands and rub together until dry.
Make sure to bring it always with you (inside your handbag, pocket or in the car). There will be plenty of moments in your day when water & soap are not available (or your hands are not visibly soiled) & Power Mist will literally save you from getting sick.
Do not forget to use it when: eating food, travelling in public transport, using the toilet, touching cash, playing with your pet, etc.


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